Hot Topics January 2019

Fiona welcomed 84 members and 3 guests and wished everyone a Happy New Year. Before breaking into small groups to discuss this year’s resolutions, Fiona gave us an interesting presentation on how to “stay safe online”. A majority of us have had menacing emails from unknown sources asking us to send money or to click on a certain “link”. The best advice is to do nothing and Fiona gave us a few tips on how to check if sites are secure. Most emails are not encrypted which means they could potentially be read by others whilst in transit and can sometimes be “hacked” – they appear to come from a person you know and ask you to click on a link which usually contain a virus (free virus protection software is available online). Fiona also mentioned that “Whats App” is encrypted, making it safe. For further information please visit the following sites:
For parents/carers and children

Subscriptions: Subscriptions for 2019 were due at Monday’s meeting for everyone and are £42 for full membership and £20.50 for dual member (to their second WI). If you were unable to attend Monday’s meeting and want to renew your membership please bring your subscription to February’s meeting or, alternatively, post it to Wendy. If you are not renewing for any reason, please let us know and we will not chase you for payment!

Bring and Buy Sale: Thank you for all the donations for the Bring and Buy Sale – £185.45 was made so well done everyone and thank you to the ladies who manned the stall.

Quiz Night: Fiona mentioned the forthcoming Quiz Night on Saturday, 6th April at 7.30 St. Mary’s Church Hall, Merton Park. This is always a good evening and once again; Agnes’ son has kindly offered to be our quiz master. So do come, either on your own or, if you can, make up a table of 8. Tickets are £14 which includes a Ploughman’s Supper. There will be a cash bar and profits will go to our charity, Jigsaw4u. Please contact Gillian if you would like a ticket.

2019 Resolutions: After some interesting and really thoughtful group discussions on the six shortlisted resolutions, the one Wimbledon WI would most like to go forward for further discussion and final voting at the AGM in Bournemouth is Decline in Local Bus Service.
The result of the voting is as follows:
1 Improving Plant Bio Security 10
2 Trees, Improving the Landscape 6
3 Pelvic Floor 8
4 Suffering in Silence 3
5 Decline in Local Bus Services 39
6 Don’t Fear the Smear. 12

Future Events: The Postal Museum trip in February is now full but there are spaces on the following events:
The Clink Afternoon Tea, Thursday 7th March (£18 includes gratuity)
Quiz Night, Saturday, 6th April (£14)
Chiltern Valley Winery, Tuesday 23rd April (£35)
Covent Garden Walk, Thursday, 16th May (£10)
Please let Gillian know as soon as possible if you would like a place

Surrey WI News: From 1st January, Surrey WI News (SWIN) is available on the internet. When the current SWIN financial year ends in May, WIs will then be required to pay for access to it but until then it is free to everyone. Members need to be registered on MyWI to be able to access this online. Visit Surrey Federation of WI’s for more information

Diary Dates:
Monday, 18th Feb. Wimbledon WI Meeting
Monday, 18th March. Surrey Federation of WIs Annual Council Meeting. Dorking.
Saturday. 6th April. Quiz Night
Wednesday, 5th June, 2019. NFWI AGM, Bournemouth
July 12-14th Surrey WIs at Denman
Monday, 7th October. Surrey Federation of WIs Autumn Meeting

The Committee