July 2012

78 members and 3 guests attended on last Monday at our craft based evening, and thank you to our members who demonstrated the art of lace, and card making. We also had beading, and Boots no 7 consultants who gave make up and skin care advice, and provided us with ‘goody bags’, containing samples. Social and committee members provided cakes for sale.

Cliff Rich and Tracey Leighton from Contact the Elderly also came along to talk about how they support local older people who live on their own and who are often socially isolated. Their idea is a very simple but effective one. A group of volunteer drivers use their cars to collect the same local older people on the same Sunday of every month and together they visit a local volunteer host for tea and an informal social afternoon. The group visits a different host each month and arrive at the host’s home around 3.00 pm and leave again around 5.00pm. This monthly outing with friends is something the older people they support look forward to with great pleasure and for many the outings are a lifeline.

The charity is currently planning to launch a new group in the borough of Merton and is therefore looking for volunteers and older guests to join the group.  They were extremely grateful that quite a few members signed up to volunteer, and if anyone else is interested in volunteering as a host twice a year, a driver for the group once a month, or a reserve driver to drive when needed then they would love to hear from you.