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Hot Topics October 2017

Fiona welcomed 47 members and 2 guests.
2018 SFWI Centenary celebrations:
One of our members, Imogen has agreed to be the liaison officer for the celebrations next year and we look forward to hearing what is to be proposed for May and June 2018. In the meantime you can write Thursday, 28th June in your diary for an evening event at RHS Wisley. Fiona thanked Sheila and Miriam for their contributions towards the History Record of Wimbledon WI. This, together with Eileen’s creative craft work has been forwarded to SFWI for inclusion in the Centenary Commemorative Book.

Wimbledon WI 10th Anniversary:
We are hoping to arrange something special for our 10th birthday which will probably happen after July 2018. A show of hands voted for an evening event rather than a Saturday afternoon for our own celebrations. Further information to follow.

Chosen charity for 2018:
Members took a vote on the following charities to choose our charity for 2018:
Carers Support Merton – 20
Merton Vision – 9
Lantern Arts Centre Merton – 5
Christian Care – 5
Merton Talking Newspapers – 3

There are still a few spaces for the Brands Museum and Christmas Dinner and one place left for the jewellery workshop at Sutton College (Saturday, 18th November). As usual, please contact Gillian if you would like to go. Please pay for events booked at the next meeting or send a cheque to Gillian.
Surrey Residential Designer Taster, Saturday, 10th March – Sunday, 11th March (£155) – An overnight stay followed by a day of “taster” workshops. If you would like further information and application form, please contact Dulcie.
NFWI AGM, Wednesday, 6th June, Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff. Please let us know if you are interested and we will send you an application form.

Resolution – End Plastic Soup:
In relation to one of this year’s WI resolutions Fiona, one of our members, drew our attention to an item she has recently heard on the news. A Sea Bin has been launched from Portsmouth, where the micro fibre research was being done. Apparently it can gather micro fibres of about 2mm, as well as plastic bottles and bags etc. Great News. Further reading can be found on

November Meeting:
Next month will be our AGM when we select our committee. A few committee members may be stepping down so we are looking for volunteers to put their name forward. Anyone can join – no experience needed. So don’t be shy, if you have the time, we would love to hear from you.

Subscription 2018:
The NFWI Board of Trustees has set the membership subscription for 2018 at £41. Dual members will pay £20 to their second WI. Payment will be due from members in January 2018.

Monday night was a particularly successful evening with members socialising, playing games, answering various quizzes and eating chocolates! A relaxing and enjoyable evening was had by all.

Next meeting:
20th November – Matt Bryan, Counter Terrorism. AGM. Christmas Gifts Collection. Charity Rep.

The Committee

Hot Topics January 2017

We had a good turnout for the first meeting of 2017 and Fiona welcomed 81 members and one new member. Membership fees were due this month and we will be collecting them again next month. If, for some reason, you will not be renewing your membership please let us know and we will not chase you for payment!
Forthcoming events

Fiona drew our attention to a few events coming up. On Saturday, 25th March we will be having a Quiz Evening at St. Mary’s Church Hall, Merton Park. Tickets will be £12.50 which includes a ploughman’s supper and all proceeds will go to our charity of the year, St. Raphael’s Hospice. Don’t feel you have to make up a table, just come along and make up the numbers on another table.
Also there is a chance to see “La Cage Aux Folles” at Wimbledon Theatre on Tuesday, 14th March (£31). There are only a few places left for Grumpy Mole Afternoon Tea on Saturday, 18th March (£14.95) and Longleat on Wednesday 26th April (£45). Please contact Gillian as soon as possible if you would like to go to any of these.

Surrey WI News
Lys mentioned a few notices in this month’s Surrey WI News:
Birthday Card for the Queen Competition – entries must be sent to SFWI HQ Guildford by Monday, 14th March
Surrey Country Show, Monday 29th May – Various competitions. Contact SFWI HQ Guildford for more details.
Art for the Terrified – 8th March (Drawing), 29th March (Watercolours) and 26th April (Oil Pastels). Applications to SFWI HQ Guildford.

After having some in depth and thoughtful group discussions on the six, shortlisted resolutions, we then had to vote for the one we would most like to go forward for further discussion and final voting at the AGM in June. The result of the voting is:
1. Alleviating loneliness 21
2. FGM: More Awareness for More Action 7
3. Equal Access for specialised maternal mental health services 17
4. Provision of appropriate welfare for women and children in refugee camps 0
5. Supporting women’s refuges 11
6. Plastic soup: Keep microplastic fibres out of our oceans 24
(One of our members went home after Monday’s meeting to do a bit of research to find out a bit more about Resolution 6 as she hadn’t heard about the issue of plastic fibres. She found the following link very interesting, as well as worrying, and would like to share it. )

Bring and Buy Sale
Thank you to everyone who brought in items and bought from the Bring and Buy Sale. We made £202.50 for St. Raphael’s – well done everyone.

Knit for Peace
As an alternative to knitted blankets, Knit for Peace suggested making dressing gowns and here is Madeleine modelling the wonderful one she has made. This will now be sent to Knit for Peace to go towards their “Keep Britain Warm” campaign. Well done Madeleine.

November Hot Topics 2016

Dear Member of Wimbledon WI
Fiona welcomed 69 members and 2 guests. Before the AGM and our two guest speakers, the following notices were read out.
Christmas Meal: Gillian asked members to be aware of the following details regarding the Christmas Meal at Taste on 6th December:
PARKING: Although there are quite a lot of parking spaces they do share them with the college which has night classes so it is a case of first come first served.
BAR BILLS: It would greatly help if people buying drinks could pay by cash as they have only one card machine, which could cause a bit of a back log.
ON ARRIVAL: 6:30 for 7:00 please collect your place setting which has on it your name and choice of menu.

Julia’s Kenya Trip: Eileen read out the following report from Julia. “Excellent visit to Mbaraka Chembe Health Centre, the teddies, knitted clothes and blankets were a great hit here and at the Kenya Coast Maternity Hospital, Tumaini Orphanage and the Baby Life Rescue Centre at Mombasa rubbish tip.
Items needed for December and for next year: more knitted items, teddies and blankets, ALSO BOOTIES.
When we visited the schools the Primary loved the tennis balls (thank you Caroline) and the Secondary loved the small amount of stationery we provided. They need A4 lined paper pads, document wallets (manila folders) and scientific calculators. CAN YOU HELP? Thank you so much for your support”.
Booties patterns link

Poppies: Eileen went on to thank Dulcie and her posse of poppy makers for all their hard work and as a result this year £523.75 has been raised for the British Legion making a total of £1,904.25 raised over the last 4 years.

St. Lawrence Christmas Fair: Fiona mentioned that this will be next Saturday, 26th November, at Morden Parish Hall from 11.00 – 3.00 and that Wimbledon WI will be having a stall. So it would be lovely to see some of our members and their families.

Toy Collection: Fiona thanked everyone who had generously brought in toys for Merton Police Foundation to hand out to the needy children in the borough.

AGM: Following a show of hands, indicating WI members’ approval, the existing committee will continue as before with the addition of Sheila.
Wendy – Treasurer
Chris – Assistant to Treasurer
Lys – Secretary
Lesley – Assistant Secretary
Linda – Committee meeting minutes
Gillian – Vice chair and outings/entertainments organiser
Margaret – Crafts
Dulcie – MCS Preview Notes/Hot Topics and Crafts
Daphne – Catering
Sheila – Charity Liaison

Following a further show of hands, indicating WI members’ approval, Fiona will continue in her role as President.
Chris presented her Financial Statement for the past year. The Financial Statement was audited and passed by The Surrey Federation Treasurer – Jane Randell. Fiona proposed the adoption of the Financial Statement. The proposal was seconded by Jill and members indicated by a show of hands that the Financial Statement was accepted by all present.
Lys gave a review of the speakers, outings and events that we have enjoyed over the past year. Fiona thanked Gillian and her team for all their hard work of planning and organising the programme. Members indicated by a show of hands that the report is accepted.
Fiona spoke about happy and sad events this past year. In particular Fiona spoke about the loss of our much loved and missed president Joanna. Fiona said how much she enjoys being part of our WI and she said she is happy to continue in her role as President. Fiona thanked the committee and all members who have supported her so well over the year.

David Cowling, Head of Political Research for the BBC and our first speaker for the evening, gave us an insight into the proposed new constituency boundaries released by the Boundary Commission. Their goal is to reduce the number of MPs by 50, and make the number of people living in each constituency more equal. Their proposals for Wimbledon and Merton would bring big changes and in some respects the Boundary Commission’s own guidelines on community interest and cohesion seem not to have been followed.

Wimbledon is split up, with Wimbledon Park and Village joining the Putney constituency. The remainder of the current Wimbledon constituency is joined by Colliers Wood, Lavender Fields, Ravensbury and Cricket Green from the current Mitcham and Morden constituency, which will be abolished, to form a new ‘Merton and Wimbledon Central’ constituency. Lower Morden and St. Helier wards would be absorbed into the existing Sutton and Cheam constituency and Graveney ward into existing Tooting constituency. Several wards in Mitcham will be part of a new Streatham and Mitcham constituency.
Under these proposals the London Borough of Merton goes from having two Members of Parliament to five.

The Boundary Commission are interested in hearing from affected residents about the local ties that are impacted by these proposals, so if you feel that they do not respect Wimbledon’s community links, please get in touch with them on this link or by emailing by the 5th December.

Lucia, Fundraiser from St. Raphael’s Hospice, was our second speaker and she told us a little about this charity and how they have to raise £4.4million a year which is 80% of their funding, only 20% coming from the NHS. This works out to £15 per hour if patient is a resident in the hospice: £107 per hour if patient has home visits or £571 per hour to run whole hospice. They have 14 beds and care for 1,000 patients a year from the Sutton and Merton areas either as in patients or day patients. They provide specialist palliative care for patients and their families who are affected either by cancer or another life-limiting illness. All the care and support provided by St Raphael’s Hospice is provided free of charge to patients and families. They also help families of the patients through a very difficult and distressing time. More information about St. Raphael’s and details of events can be found on this link After thanking Lucia for her very informative talk, Fiona then took a vote, which was unanimous, that St. Raphael’s Hospice will be our Chosen Charity of the year.

Knit and Natter: Please note the next session of I Knit at Lower Marsh, Waterloo will be on Wednesday, 30th November and not 7th December.
WI Life : Please keep your November issue of WI Life which gives you information on the resolutions which might be considered at the 2017 NFWI AGM in Liverpool. We will be discussing these at our January meeting. So don’t throw away your copy, study it and bring the AM 2017 resolution selection form with you to complete at our January meeting.

Dates for your diary:
Tuesday, 6th December, Christmas Dinner
Next Meeting, Monday, 19th December

The Committee