Hot Topics January 2017

We had a good turnout for the first meeting of 2017 and Fiona welcomed 81 members and one new member. Membership fees were due this month and we will be collecting them again next month. If, for some reason, you will not be renewing your membership please let us know and we will not chase you for payment!
Forthcoming events

Fiona drew our attention to a few events coming up. On Saturday, 25th March we will be having a Quiz Evening at St. Mary’s Church Hall, Merton Park. Tickets will be £12.50 which includes a ploughman’s supper and all proceeds will go to our charity of the year, St. Raphael’s Hospice. Don’t feel you have to make up a table, just come along and make up the numbers on another table.
Also there is a chance to see “La Cage Aux Folles” at Wimbledon Theatre on Tuesday, 14th March (£31). There are only a few places left for Grumpy Mole Afternoon Tea on Saturday, 18th March (£14.95) and Longleat on Wednesday 26th April (£45). Please contact Gillian as soon as possible if you would like to go to any of these.

Surrey WI News
Lys mentioned a few notices in this month’s Surrey WI News:
Birthday Card for the Queen Competition – entries must be sent to SFWI HQ Guildford by Monday, 14th March
Surrey Country Show, Monday 29th May – Various competitions. Contact SFWI HQ Guildford for more details.
Art for the Terrified – 8th March (Drawing), 29th March (Watercolours) and 26th April (Oil Pastels). Applications to SFWI HQ Guildford.

After having some in depth and thoughtful group discussions on the six, shortlisted resolutions, we then had to vote for the one we would most like to go forward for further discussion and final voting at the AGM in June. The result of the voting is:
1. Alleviating loneliness 21
2. FGM: More Awareness for More Action 7
3. Equal Access for specialised maternal mental health services 17
4. Provision of appropriate welfare for women and children in refugee camps 0
5. Supporting women’s refuges 11
6. Plastic soup: Keep microplastic fibres out of our oceans 24
(One of our members went home after Monday’s meeting to do a bit of research to find out a bit more about Resolution 6 as she hadn’t heard about the issue of plastic fibres. She found the following link very interesting, as well as worrying, and would like to share it. )

Bring and Buy Sale
Thank you to everyone who brought in items and bought from the Bring and Buy Sale. We made £202.50 for St. Raphael’s – well done everyone.

Knit for Peace
As an alternative to knitted blankets, Knit for Peace suggested making dressing gowns and here is Madeleine modelling the wonderful one she has made. This will now be sent to Knit for Peace to go towards their “Keep Britain Warm” campaign. Well done Madeleine.