Hot Topics July 2013

59 members and 5 guests came to enjoy a very funny and interesting speaker – Richard Selby speaking about ‘Women I have married’!! Some members had Googled his name and so had a clue that he was a registrar but he managed to surprise a few.

Date change for December Meeting – Originally scheduled for Monday 16 December.  As this date was so close to Christmas now to be held on Monday 9 December.
NFWI AGM Report – The July/August issue of WI Life contained various reports about the NFWI AGM in Cardiff.  Members were given a summary of the report from a member of Ham & Petersham WI who was our delegate at the meeting.
Denman Designer day – Members were asked why there was so little interest in this proposed event.
Denman Flower Festival – Friday 16 to Sunday 18 August 2013.
Denman Bursaries funded by Surrey Federation – 4 Bursaries available to WI members by Ballot.  Closing date at Surrey Federation WIs for applications for one is on 31 August and the rest before 30 September.  Details available from Ann Dolphin (Secretary) or
Denman Christmas Fair & Real Jam Festival 7-8 December
Surrey Federation Autumn Meeting Monday 30 September in Dorking.  Speakers included Bill Tidy and the Chief Constable of Surrey Lynne Owens.  Information about this is on the Notice Board.  Tickets £12 per person.  Contact Ann Dolphin (Secretary) for further details and application form.  Closing date 9 August at Surrey Federation WIs.

August – There will be no centrally organised social event this year due to poor weather in previous two years and many members being away in August.  Members were encouraged to get together with fellow WI members in smaller groups.  Suggestions about possible activities were on the Notice Board.  Members planning an activity or attending an event were invited to ask other members to join them.  Anyone wishing to do so should provide us with the details (proposed activity, date, time, where to meet, contact details etc).  We will try to arrange to put an electronic message around to members to drum up further interest for you.

Wimbledon Village Fair –  Thank you!

Dear All.

Thank you for all your help both in the build up to and during the Village Fair.
I feel we should all be really proud of an excellent result, inspite of the horrendous weather conditions on the day.
I do hope our gallant team insuring the Gazebo remained grounded throughout the gales are not too exhausted or put off to help next year.

We sold everything bar 6 jars of chutney and made £876.50
Inspite of the weather the Fair attracted a huge number of people and we were kept busy all day.
I can tell you that we did really well and although not all our members contributed those that did excelled in the amount they produced.
If everyone one had produced as much we would easily have hit the £1000 pound mark.