September 2012

74 members and 7 guests were thoroughly entertained by award winning author, Robert Goddard, recounting how he became a writer of best selling crime mystery thrillers. Many of you bought his books to keep you occupied now the nights are drawing in. Enjoy!

Robert Goddard’s publishers gave 10%, or £50 donation to our WI.

A letter has been received from Faith in Action, to thank us for the money received as a result of our fund raising efforts. It is available on the notice board if you wish to see it.

Robert Goddard kindly drew two names from the bag for the Denman College Bursaries.

The winners are Sheena Peckham and Louise Greenwood, who both receive £250 towards the cost of any course at Denman College that they choose to attend.

Big Walk/Little Splash

Thank you to everyone who has filled out a form for this. We now have almost 70% of members involved. It would be wonderful if we could get all members included since we will be judged not only on whether we have completed the mileage but also on how many members have participated.